One by One vs Volume Lashes: Differences, Advantages, and Choosing the Best for You

Emphasizing the beauty of eyes by highlighting eyelashes has been practiced for centuries. Today, we have numerous techniques that provide the effect of stunning lashes. Among the most popular lash extension methods, “One by One” and “Volume Lashes” take the lead. But how do they differ and which style will be best for you?

One by One Method

The “One by One” method, also known as “classic,” involves attaching a single artificial lash to each natural lash. The final effect depends on the quantity of the client’s natural lashes – the more there are, the fuller the effect. This method allows you to add length but doesn’t always guarantee extra volume, especially if the natural lashes are sparse.

Advantages of this method include a natural look and feel, the possibility to adjust the length to individual preferences, and less strain on the natural lashes, which translates into their health.

Volume Lashes Method

The “Volume Lashes” technique, also known as “lash fans” or “volume method,” involves attaching from two to even six thinner lashes to each natural lash. Ultra-thin lashes are used for this, so they do not burden the natural lashes, even though there are more of them.

The final effect is significantly more dramatic and expressive compared to the One by One method, providing thick, full, and “fluffy” lashes. It’s an ideal solution for those who desire a strong effect or have naturally sparse lashes.

One by One or Volume Lashes?

The choice between the “One by One” and “Volume Lashes” methods largely depends on your personal preferences and expectations. If you are looking for subtle, naturally looking lashes, the One by One method may be perfect for you. However, if you desire a dramatic effect and want your lashes to be dense and full, Volume Lashes will be the best choice.

Of course, the best way to make a decision is to consult with a professional. A good lash stylist will be able to advise you on which method will be most suitable for you, taking into account both your expectations and the condition of your natural lashes.

Remember, regardless of the method chosen, it is most important to always take care of your lashes and use the services of professionals who have the appropriate qualifications and experience. Only then can you be sure that your choice will bring you satisfaction and a sense of beauty.

One by One ( with a lot of natural lashes)

one by one

One by One

Volume 3D


Volume 4-6D